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This Open Webmail runs on a Switzerland based part of our combined "psweb.org/schieres.lu" hosting.
All user data and configuration files remain local.
Open Webmail: Supported domains
psweb.org *1    lvi.lu *1    provelo.lu *1    fla.lu *1    flaphoto.net *1    flanews.info *1    lux@worldathletics *1
education.lu *2    365.education.lu    pt.lu *1    vo.lu *1    tango.lu
bluewin.ch *1    hispeed.ch    sunrise.ch    web.de    t-online.de    gmx.de    gmx.net    wanadoo.fr    orange.fr    yahoo.fr    yahoo.com    gmail.com *3    hotmail.com    outlook.com    icloud.com    aol.com

     *1  Tested, works fine!
*2  education.lu :  Enter your username instead of email address.
     *3  gmail.com :  Very hard to get this to work.
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